2D3D Service – quality landscape concepts and hand drawn views

Need a professional landscape concept plan, plus a hand drawn image to discuss, plan and help realise your next project? Our 2D3D concept design service will work for you.


  • Landscape Concept Plan (2D), developed as a draft and final after client consultation.
  • Hand drawn aerial oblique (3D) of the concept set in actual site context.
  • All in full colour/digital format.

Benefits of the 2D3D service

  • Visualises and ‘sells’ a project to Council, community and stakeholders.
  • Perfect products for budget, policy and grant applications.
  • Products are professionally designed, practical, site specific and cost effective.
  • Establishes a visual ‘Design Brief’ for future planning and design.
  • Perfect for smaller projects where traditional landscape design services are often not cost effective or easily available.
  • Highly flexible qualified landscape architectural service, providing the level of creative and technical input you require.
  • Cost estimates can be developed based on the concepts.


Generally 2 – 4 weeks, subject to the project and client requirements.


  • Obtain base plan materials, and complete design brief.
  • Provide draft concept(s), and undertake client consultations.
  • Prepare and review final landscape concept.
  • Provide draft hand drawn aerial oblique (3D) view, and undertake client consultations.
  • Provide final 2D concept and 3D imagery.
  • Client interactions are encouraged and ongoing via email and phone.

Fees are dependent on review of project requirements. Lower fees often permit a simplified purchasing procedure and approval.

Contact us for a quote.