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Why clients choose U PLAN

  • Our many years of construction and landscape design skills and experience, supplemented by enthusiasm and a determination to achieve practical, innovative and sustainable project outcomes.
  • A passion for our diverse and dynamic regional communities, special places and landscapes.
  • We are a small and highly focused independent landscape architectural practice with an extensive digital ‘design team’ of other specialists and consultants.
  • We are client focused.
  • Our commitment to ensuring that each project is completed within clearly defined financial, time and operational requirements.
  • The Principal, Steve Moss, is a Registered Landscape Architect and associated with the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects.
  • U PLAN Pty Ltd (ABN 17 094 959 047) maintains a viable, modern and internet based professional office.
  • We are a Local Buy pre-qualified supplier (Planning, Surveying, Design and Architecture BUS 245)